Meet the women of NASA gunning for Mars

Mars. A next step for man? Yes, and a giant leap for womankind.

Half of NASA’s latest class of astronauts are women — and they’re about to spend fifteen years (!) prepping to go to Mars.

NOTE: This article is from a year ago, about the last class – there’s a new class of incoming astronauts being sorted out now. Apologies, I goofed when looking at the timestamp – still not used to the 2016/7 turnover. Still a good article!

One Response to “Meet the women of NASA gunning for Mars”

  1. Jane Underwood

    How exciting for them! How brave they are and how courageous. To be among the first in any endeavour takes guts and character. I will be in my 70’s when these missions happen, I know I’ll be watching every available newscast and wishing I was there with them.