1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment: Tank-destroying teenage girls

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When the Nazis invaded Stalingrad from the north in 1942, the Soviets were caught off-guard. They’d expected the enemy to come in from other directions, and had no infantry in place to guard against the oncoming attack. The only soldiers in place were the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment — a young all-female volunteer unit with little to no combat experience.

Without much in the way of options, the women of the 1077th lowered their anti-aircraft guns to the lowest elevation and began firing at the oncoming tanks. Their ammunition, primarily flak rounds, was likely fairly ineffective against the Panzer unit, but according to Soviet records, they held off the oncoming troops for two days, although all 37 guns had been destroyed by the end of that, and they had suffered major casualties.

It was only after the Germans had finally overrun the 1077th that they realized all this time they’d been fighting girls who were barely out of high school.

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