One Response to “Mary Jennings Hegar”

  1. Robert A

    I’d just like to point out that the circumstances under which Maj. Hegar earned her Purple Heart are EXTREMELY illustratable:

    Wounded in her rifle arm, she was ordered to be evacuated on a Kiowa helicopter. But Kiowa’s don’t have passenger seats, so Hegar had to stand on the skid as the helicopter lifted off. She was expected to hold on to the aircraft with her good arm, but own medevac helicopter had been downed and her crew was taking fire, so she rested her rifle on the Kiowa’s rocket pod, pushed back as hard as she could with her feet to wedge her body against the outside hull of the aircraft, and used her one good arm to return fire at the Taliban as the Kiowa flew through the air. If I saw this in an action movie, I’d think it was ridiculous. She was literally standing on the outside of the aircraft, and not even holding on. But it’s exactly what she did. And that’s why she’s only the second woman after Amelia Earhart to earn the Distinguished Flying Cross.

    Here’s a picture of a Kiowa–you can see the space between the rocket pod and the hull where she wedged herself, hoping that she didn’t, y’know, fall to her death because she wasn’t holding on.

    Just sayin’ ;-)