Bernice Dapaah: Bamboo Bike Entrepreneur

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Bernice Dapaah does business the green way. She grows bamboo and transforms it into bikes in her hometown of Kumasi. Six years ago, just before she graduated with a degree in Business Administration, Dapaah decided to do something on her own. “My grandpa actually inculcated me the spirit of doing something in your own,” she said. So she set up the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative.

“We’re engaging women on board to see how best they can do something on their own, rather than being at home looking after their husband,” said Bernice Dapaah, founder of the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, which trains and employs many women to make bamboo bikes – and donates many of those bikes to charity. Her work has been wildly successful – the organization’s website even features a picture of outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon riding one of the bamboo bikes!