Bree Newsome: The badass who brought down the Confederate flag

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Bree Newsome came to Charleston this morning with climbing equipment and a mission – to scale the flagpole bearing the Confederate Flag and take it down.

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“You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence – I come against you in the name of God!” Bree Newsome yelled, before descending using the tree climbing equipment she’d brought.

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Throughout, she clearly communicated to the police that she was ready to be arrested – which she was, upon coming down. She quoted scripture to them as she was being taken away.

And although the flag was put back up a short time thereafter, for a bit, the flagpole was bare.

6 Bree Newsome: filmmaker, activist, badass, and possibly your new hero. timthumb

And here is a petition to get the charges against her dropped.


(the details for this article are taken from this writeup on Jezebel. the full video is embedded below.)

4 Responses to “Bree Newsome”

  1. Nana

    I love your site and what you do. But the fact that you included Bree Newsome is amazing. She is very inspiring.

  2. Andie Shallow

    This woman is amazing!! Love you site

  3. Michelle C. Young

    They put the flag back UP? WHYYYYYYY?!??!!!

  4. wisc_dude

    It would be nice if this article had a date on it so we could know when it happened. According to the Jezebel article it was 6/27/2015.