Bree Newsome: The badass who brought down the Confederate flag

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Bree Newsome came to Charleston this morning with climbing equipment and a mission – to scale the flagpole bearing the Confederate Flag and take it down.

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“You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence – I come against you in the name of God!” Bree Newsome yelled, before descending using the tree climbing equipment she’d brought.

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Throughout, she clearly communicated to the police that she was ready to be arrested – which she was, upon coming down. She quoted scripture to them as she was being taken away.

And although the flag was put back up a short time thereafter, for a bit, the flagpole was bare.

6 Bree Newsome: filmmaker, activist, badass, and possibly your new hero. timthumb

And here is a petition to get the charges against her dropped.


(the details for this article are taken from this writeup on Jezebel. the full video is embedded below.)