Domino Harvey: Model/Bounty Hunter

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This is an old one, but I’m finding a lot of people don’t know about her – Domino Harvey, who got her own Keira Knightley movie in 2005, was a real-life model-turned-firefighter-turned-bounty-hunter. She got into drugs and ended up in serious legal trouble before dying of a fentanyl overdose shortly before the movie debut.

She had a wild, complicated life that the movie didn’t cover in full. A New York Times article detailed one of the more glaring changes: an incident where she charged into a house thinking there was only one person in it, only to find a dozen gun-wielding gang members. It’s unclear how she got out of it in real life, but in the movie? She gave them lap dances.

Here’s that New York Times article, it goes into way more depth. She was a fascinating human.