Hedy Lamarr: Actress, sexual icon, brilliant inventor

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The first time audiences saw Hedy Lamarr, she was running naked through a field. The second time they saw her, she was in the throes of a very animated orgasm.

Actress Hedy Lamarr revolutionized (and scandalized) moviegoing audiences with her overtly sexy characters. She also was a brilliant inventor who helped create the technology behind cell phones and WiFi.

The two images created such cognitive dissonance in the press that her “secret life” as a brilliant woman went virtually unknown for decades.

13 Responses to “Hedy Lamarr”

  1. Pavlina Ornik

    Back then men hadn’t believed that a woman can be beautiful and smart

  2. ambaryerno

    That’s HED*L*Y!

  3. Ben Ramirez

    Well, that still applies today; The battle of the sexes will remain til Ronda Rousey beats an undefeated man in the UFC. ;)

  4. Jennifer Broekman

    So… he was making a reference to a completely unrelated character in order to do what? show off his command of irrelevant movies?

  5. Jason Porath

    Not totally unrelated – Mel Brooks got sued by Hedy for the usage of her name, and there are some clear references (my “totally not a reference” bit was sarcastic). You can read about it on her Wikipedia page.

    ambaryerno was just trying to make a joke. It’s cool. :)

  6. ambaryerno

    Yep, the entire gag was people kept calling him “Hedy” (in reference to the actress) and he had to keep correcting them. Eventually the Governor leans on the Fourth Wall to remind Hedley that since the movie is set in the 19th century, HE can sue HER.

    And now that the joke has been thoroughly explained, it kind of loses its impact. :-

  7. Themiddlesister

    Would love to know about her….

  8. Quentintarantado

    No I got it. And watching you totally having to explain it is pretty funny too. I don’t go out much.