Jin Xing: The Oprah of China

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Jin Xing, a former male ballet star and army colonel, draws 100 million viewers a week and was the first person, publicly, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her country. Now she shares the unlikely story of finding extraordinary success afterwards.

Her biting critique as a game show judge earned her the nickname “Poison Tongue,” but she endured much to get there – brutal treatment in the army, nearly losing the ability to walk after her surgery, and a lifetime of abusive comments. But she’s overcome, rising to be one of China’s biggest stars.

One Response to “Jin Xing”

  1. Sophia Li

    I’m so glad you did a post on her. She’s amazing and frankly quite hilarious. If you can ever find one of her shows to watch ( presumably subbed seeing as is I’m assuming you dont speak Chinese), do do do do watch it.