Margaret E. Knight: The Paper Bag Queen

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Meet Margaret E Knight, the factory girl and child inventor who grew up to become America’s Paper bag queen. Margaret or Mattie as she was known had been inventing various factory machinery since she was 12 years old.

Due to her extreme poverty, it took her 3 years to get her idea from prototype to the patent office — in that time, another inventor spied on her and stole credit. Thankfully, she was able to prove him wrong and was awarded the patent.

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One Response to “Margaret E. Knight”

  1. Janis Shaffer

    This woman is not the Margaret E. Knight, mechanical inventor (1838-1914). This woman is from the 1940’s. MEK patented her bag folding machine in 1871 only 6 year after the Civil War. Think of the fashion. This women is incorrectly identified all over the internet.