Mumtaz Shaikh: "Right to Pee" Activist

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“Right to Pee” activist Mumtaz Shaikh makes it to BBC’s 100 most inspirational women – Right to Pee network has been successful in developing 96 such toilets in Mumbai in last one year

“Mumbai has 3,000 free public urinals for men whereas women do not have a single one,” Shaikh said, while simultaneously pointing out the significant risk of sexual assault that Indian women face when going to the few bathrooms available. “Do planners of towns think we are less human?”

You can watch the BBC segment here (warning: video autoplays). And this New York Times article from several years ago provides some better context.

One Response to “Mumtaz Shaikh”

  1. Purple Dave

    The fact that this even exists is all kinds of wrong. These articles don’t even get into the full injustice, as the one I first read about it pointed out that young women basically have to beg money off of their own fathers to pay for even a single bathroom visit a day, and more often than not these fathers feel that their own daughters are wasting their hard-earned money because men don’t have to pay for the same privilege. And yet, ironically, these same fathers probably aren’t very supportive of this campaign because the money required to set this all up doesn’t directly benefit men (even though it kinda does, in that they won’t have to hand over a daily potty allowance to their wives and daughters).