Mom walks 30 hours through snow and wilderness to get help for family

Stranded in a secluded road with heavy snow falling, one Pennsylvania mom knew she had to do something.

When the family car fell into a ditch, 46-year-old Karen Klein walked for 30 hours through 26 miles of snow, subsisting on twigs and her own urine, to get help for her husband and 10-year-old son.

One Response to “Mom walks 30 hours through snow and wilderness to get help for family”

  1. Purple Dave

    Okay, first off, eating twigs that early probably did more harm than good. Digesting anything uses calories, and twigs aren’t likely to give many back to humans. Digestion on the move also isn’t ideal.

    But more importantly, she’s being lauded for failing. She walked all that distance and all she accomplished was a bit of governmental property damage (and apparently only ~100 yards away from an _unlocked_ cabin with lots of cold weather survival gear like sleeping bags and heat sources) and some unintentional littering (that shoe is lost until the place thaws out next spring).

    Meanwhile, the husband (with an injured back) and son ended up hiking the other direction until they got a cel phone signal which they used to call rescuers who then came and saved all three. And that’s not even getting into the fact that they were trying to drive through an area that was marked as closed for the winter, which is how they got stuck in the first place.

    BTW, there are much more in-depth articles that cover a lot of the extra details I mentioned, and which end up making her seem more stupid than heroic.