Poll: how often would you like new RP entries, and in what format?

Hey y’all! As you know, as of last week, I changed up the format to be more of a “comic” style as opposed to mountains of text – click here if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about!. Almost everyone seemed to really like the format change, and I’d like to do more like that.

But it is soundly kicking my ass. It takes 4-5x as much time to produce a “comic” entry – this week’s entry is going to be up late tomorrow instead of early yesterday, even though I’ve been killing myself over it. So if I change the format, I’ll have to switch to a once-every-two-weeks schedule. Before I do that, I wanted to ask all of y’all how you feel.

There’s a Google Form right here with one question. If you have a sec, can you fill it out and let me know? Thank you!