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Jason Porath compiled 200 of “history’s boldest heroines, hellions and heretics” for his new book, Rejected Princesses. And when you start reading, you’re reminded that villainous shit against women has really, truly been going on forever.

This is an INCREDIBLY thorough writeup that reveals the art for fifteen book-only entries – including the art for the absolute most complex entry in the entire book, Christine de Pizan. I’ve referenced this piece here and there – it’s a double page spread that features every single woman in the book (and a Where’s Waldo-style cameo from me). It took around 100 hours to complete. It’s all the diversity in the book in one image. I’m pretty damn proud of it.

Go to the link above and check out the rest of the pieces! Escaped Jamaican slaves, fierce samurai, scarred Moroccan folk singers, and itinerant gangs of Nigerian teachers await you!

(and full disclosure: the writeup does get a fair bit wrong. there’s 100 entries, not 200, in the book. it overstates how much my mom gave up to raise me and my brethren. but the core of it is there.)