Rani Sakhubai, the diamond-muncher

1800s: villainous Indian queen Rani Sakhubai’s plot to kill her son and take the throne is discovered. In response, she commits suicide in the most baller way possible – by SWALLOWING DIAMONDS.


2 Responses to “Rani Sakhubai, the diamond-muncher”

  1. H

    Damn, how many diamonds do you have to swallow to die from it? That can’t be a fast way to go, can it? She went HARD for that dramatic effect!

  2. Neelofar Mishra

    Hello…actually in olden times in India, people wore rings with a cavity which could be opened. (Such rings are still available today) ,,they probably kept poison in it because you could never know how brutal life would get…they would swallow the poison and in the eyes of the onlooker licking or eating diamond would have killed them…this is a plausible theory..
    @JasonParth- what you do is revolutionary !! Salute !! Respect and awe from India