Rejected Princesses poster now on sale


Wow I want that as a poster on my wall so bad 8-O

Ask and you shall receive.

Now on sale at Society6. First RP thing I’ve put on sale. It will not be the last.

Please share. :)

8 Responses to “Rejected Princesses poster now on sale”

  1. RichardY

    Can we have a trading card set (or better yet, make them Top Trumps style with a handful of attributes so we can square them off against each other…)?

  2. RichardY

    I’m suddenly thinking about a version of Street Fighter with just these characters in… That might be missing some of the nuance, mind you!

  3. Cassandra O'Troy

    I would love to sell these in my store! If you’re looking for other outlets, you could message me through my Facebook page. My store is called Vardo, and it’s located in Vineyard Haven, MA.

  4. Arabella Caulfield

    TBH, I hope for campaigns featuring actual RPs. (I know of a fan-made RPG based on “The Ministry of Time”, a Spanish science fiction TV show, that features Catalina de Erauso, which is probably why this has occured to me in the first place, but of course that’s not nearly enough.) Hey, how about making a full-fledged RPG setting based on the project?

  5. Jason Porath

    I can’t keep up with the workload I have — let alone take on more stuff at this point. :(

    Hopefully I can release individual posters soon, but I am waiting to make sure everything is copacetic with publishers before doing so. It takes a while.

  6. noisyninja

    I would buy trading cards, 100%!!!