Rejected Princesses posters – now on sale!

The day’s finally come.


Now available for sale as posters: virtually all of the Rejected Princess artwork. Get them right here:


This is the culmination of months of proofing, negotiations, and incredibly frustrating tech support wrangling. Thank you for your patience. A couple fine details:

  • These will only be on sale until the end of the year. Consider it a limited edition run. (this has to do with book release stuff)
  • T-shirts are coming once I get a bit more time. The designs don’t translate very well to t-shirts directly.
  • Same with calendars and cards. Hope to have them by Thanksgiving.
  • Anything else you want? Merch I haven’t mentioned? RPs missing that you want to see up there? Embarrassing typos or phrasing you don’t like? Email with the subject line “Merch” and let me know!
  • Please share!

Thanks again for all your patience. I wanted to make this good, not just get it out there as quickly as possible. It’s been a ton of work and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

2 Responses to “Rejected Princesses posters – now on sale!”

  1. PosterGirl

    My friend just ordered two for her history classroom. She’s hoping to scrape up some money for more!

  2. Marisol

    Alog with this post I wanted to share something that may spark interest!

    We are the Guardian Princess Alliance. We advocate for children’s empowerment and independence. Our organization, founded by UC Riverside Professor Setsu Shigematsu, aims to create better role models for children. We aspire to teach young children through our stories and events that their value is not predicated on outward beauty and that each child can be their own hero. Our books promote racial, cultural, and gender diversity.

    We wanted to let you know that we are releasing a bilingual version of Princess Mariana and Lixo Island, which features a Latina princess who saves the seas from pollution. The bilingual version will be released as an eBook in English and Spanish very soon.

    We are also launching our fifth story about a full-figured Pacific Islander healer, Princess Leilani. Princess Leilani and The Lanu Tree is a coming-of-age story that deals with the themes of loss, greed, forgiveness, and healing. The story also teaches children about Pacific Islander culture.

    Feel free to stay up-to-date on our website and check out our first four stories. For (questions/inquiries/book sales/signings/readings/events/features), don’t hesitate to contact us at


    Marisol Prado