Rejected Princesses posters – now on sale!

The day’s finally come.


Now available for sale as posters: virtually all of the Rejected Princess artwork. Get them right here:


This is the culmination of months of proofing, negotiations, and incredibly frustrating tech support wrangling. Thank you for your patience. A couple fine details:

  • These will only be on sale until the end of the year. Consider it a limited edition run. (this has to do with book release stuff)
  • T-shirts are coming once I get a bit more time. The designs don’t translate very well to t-shirts directly.
  • Same with calendars and cards. Hope to have them by Thanksgiving.
  • Anything else you want? Merch I haven’t mentioned? RPs missing that you want to see up there? Embarrassing typos or phrasing you don’t like? Email with the subject line “Merch” and let me know!
  • Please share!

Thanks again for all your patience. I wanted to make this good, not just get it out there as quickly as possible. It’s been a ton of work and I hope you’ll enjoy it.