Rosie the Riveter’s inspiration: found at last.

Did you know the model for Rosie the Riveter had been misidentified until last year? Meet Naomi Parker-Fraley, 95.

“I just wanted my own identity. I didn’t want fame or fortune, but I did want my own identity.”

26 Mar 1942, Alameda, California, USA --- Pretty Naomi Parker is as easy to look at as overtime pay on the week's check. And she's a good example of an old contention that glamor is what goes into the clothes, and not the clothes. Pre-war fashion frills are only a discord in war-time clothing for women. Naomi wears heavy shoes, black suit, and a turban to keep her hair out of harm's way (we mean the machine, you dope). --- Image by © Corbis

The image of Naomi that’s thought to have inspired the Rosie the Riveter image. — Image by © Corbis