Saudi Arabia’s 1st Female “Activist” Basketball Team Shooting For Equality

In a country which is so restrictive for women, the fact that a female basketball even exists in Saudi Arabia is pretty phenomenal.



“In a country where physical activities are not allowed for women, sports aren’t even offered to school girls, a team like this is surely an act of defiance.”

via the always-stellar GirlTalkHQ – whose The F Word Event I’ll be speaking at tomorrow!

One Response to “Saudi Arabia’s 1st Female “Activist” Basketball Team Shooting For Equality”

  1. disqus_BWiT5dOMu7

    Wow. Just WOW! Phenomenal. I love watching young pioneers pave the way for equality. They have a long way to go but not every revolution happened overnight. Any men who are support of their daughters right to equality should also be applauded.