Take Back Halloween

A costume guide for women with imagination.

It’s October and Halloween is coming up fast! Some of you might want to take a look at Take Back Halloween, a site dedicated to providing some reprieve from “sexy” costumes. They provide instructions on making costumes based around awesome women. As you can imagine, there’s significant Rejected Princesses overlap.

And if any of you dress up as a Rejected Princess this Halloween, please send in pictures!

2 Responses to “Take Back Halloween”

  1. Jeanette Wu

    Need to nitpick the Ching Shih one shown here. While there is a likelihood she was one of the Tanka people, who did have their hairbuns to the side, it would still have been a hairbun, not a ponytail.

    As for what the Tanka are, they were one of the pariah groups that formed late into China’s history. Their origins are speculated to be descendants of southern minorities who did not join their brethren in semi-reserved collectives. They were forced by law and custom to spend most of their time on boat, and when they came on land, could not wear shoes to differentiate them from Han Chinese. Toward the twentieth century, they were increasingly integrated with the regular population.

  2. Deb Salisbury

    I love this costume!