The Cursed Girl

You’re just an ordinary girl who is cursed by witchcraft, jailed in the high tower of fairy tales we know 妳並不是怪物。 妳只是那些我們熟知的童話故事中,困在那高塔裡被巫術詛咒的平凡女孩。


This is an utterly stunning piece of work. Set aside 10-15 minutes and enjoy one of the most cinematic experiences I’ve found in some time.

2 Responses to “The Cursed Girl”

  1. Sarah Mercer

    Where can we watch it? Is it a comic?

  2. SeaCrest

    If you click the text “The Cursed Girl” it will take you to the artist’s facebook page, and the comic is posted there. Alternatively, there’s an imgur gallery here that is slightly easier to navigate because it doesn’t squish the images the way FB does.