The RSS feed is now full-text

Thanks to the generous support of backers on the Rejected Princesses Patreon, RP hit its first stretch goal on practically day one. The website RSS feed will from now on display everything in full text instead of just the stubs for the entries. Thanks to everyone who supported! Makes all the difference.

And if you’re interested in chipping in, the RP Patreon is right here – you can get a ton of backer rewards for supporting the project. Next stretch goal is to add all the Modern Worthy (i.e. modern-day) figures I blog about to the map interface, so you can search through them as well! That’s a couple hundred women as of this writing.


Next entry up on Wednesday. Looks like my laptop charger got lost in transit, so had to order a new one. Will be here tomorrow, just pushes things back a day.