There was almost a Mad Max anime.

And it was about Furiosa.

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This was uncovered in an interview on a Japanese talk show with character designer Mahiro Maeda, who has worked on Evangelion, among other things. The Mad Max: Furiosa project, which MM director George Miller has mentioned in passing before, was long thought to be a movie sequel. Turns out it was an anime project that he’d wanted to come out at the same time as Fury Road – but wasn’t able to make happen, due to production delays. (source)

At the end of the video, the interviewer, Takami-san, asks Maeda-san if he could insert the incredibly cutesy Mezamashi-kun (who is, I believe, mascot for the TV show in question) into the world of Mad Max.


He does. And puts Takami-san in there too, for good measure.


The whole interview can be seen here.

(credit to Ain’t it Cool News and this tweet for the info)