Two Big Announcements (and One Smaller One)

1) There’s going to be a second book.

(the above image is probably not going to be its cover though) 

Here’s the details:

  • There will be 40-50 entries.
  • I’m likely going to include more modern figures, including a small number of living ones.
  • It’ll have a similar format to book one, except with more inline imagery. Each page will have artwork, not just singular poster images. Each entry would get an average of 4 pages – meaning doing full-on comic entries for every entry isn’t doable for this volume, but I will try to preserve as many elements from that as possible.
  • Aiming to make it all historical figures this time (no myths or legends).
  • Looking at an earlier 2018 release date.
  • It’ll be themed around a central idea — initially we were going to do “Nevertheless She Persisted,” but were beaten to the punch. Still working out what it’ll be.
  • All of this is subject to change.

Let me know who you’d like in the book!

Fill out THIS FORM to give me an idea on who you think should get included!

2) You’re Getting Another Treat

You may have noticed I’ve opened up a Patreon account for those who want to help support RP – giving out a ton of behind-the-scenes rewards for backers, including access to reference imagery, timelapse art videos,and in-progress art! Well, enough people are now backing me that we hit a stretch goal:

All those modern-day badass women I blog about? They’re getting added to the map. Just need to spend some time recoding things to not kill the load time, but it’s coming.

3) You Could Have Gotten This News Last Week

I let Patreon backers know first, and mailing list members know second. Yep, there’s a mailing list! I keep forgetting to tell people. :) Sign up here. I send out emails maybe four or five times a year?

4) The Hint For Next Entry Is Up

Here it is:

This level-headed naginata expert nevertheless lost her head in what is today Fukushima.

(submit guesses here, and if you’re right, I’ll list you under ‘shout-outs’ on the next entry!)

This is going to be a somewhat shorter entry, and will lead into another shortish entry – following a different woman whose story dovetails with the naginata expert- a week or two after.



Thanks to all of you for your support. Going to be an exciting year.



23 Responses to “Two Big Announcements (and One Smaller One)”

  1. SuperBambi90

    New book? That’s so awesome! 2018 means I can’t get it for Christmas though, but very happy still!

  2. Michelle Sofi

    amazing that just made my day. for next book it would be awesome to see more latino women on scene, there are a lot of wonderful stories. in love with your artwork and the way you share the story. keep on with the good job! :)

  3. SnakePliston

    Y’all are great. “Nevertheless She Persisted,” is a great title. There are like 50 types of Batman. I’m pretty sure the world has space for two different books about persistent women and girls.

  4. Kelsey Edwards

    You probably get the question 4 or 5 times a week but will Malala be in this book?

  5. Jason Porath

    Unlikely. I try not to cover living figures, and I’m not sure I can add much to her story with my telling.

  6. Marie Antoinette

    You should add Marie Antoinette!

  7. amelia97

    I am not sure if these people are rejected princesses, but is it possible to include audrey hepburn or grace kelly or even sirikit?

  8. amelia97

    or even Fatima Al fihri

  9. Jason Porath

    Hepburn and Kelly are so well known I don’t think I could add anything to the conversation. Sirikit is still alive and I prefer to let the dust settle a bit on people’s legacies before covering them. Fatima I looked into but there’s very very little information available sadly.

  10. Chim_era

    If you want a few suggestions, I have some figures that may not be all that well know, and that truly deserve some more attention.
    I have around 4 to 5 pages of text of each of them in my language, but if you’re interested I can translate it.
    Although I imagine some of them will be famous and have some english text on them.
    (They are a relic of my history days, so the texts are the work of an historian bundled in a book)

    – Maria Malibran :Opera Diva, and a very talented one at that. Lived for her craft but was pretty and had the social life to match it. She was however also a talented writer, pianiste, …

    – Margaret Lucas Cavendish (probably the most famous one, so won’t elaborate)

    – Marie Arconati Visconti: probably my favorite, She was a common girl who married an italian nobleman, and who truly became the turn of the century art and knowledge mecenas. I can go deeper in detail, but really she was a very interesting woman.

    – “Les Veuves”: The four grandes dames de champagnes. Barbe Nicole Ponsardin-Cliquot, she is the one who made champagne the “brand” it is today. Klikovskoïe is russian for champagne, guess where they got the name from. The other three are Jeanne Alexandrine Melin, Mathilde Emilie Laurent-Perrier and Elisabth Law de Lauriston-Boubers

    I’m not sure if they are all “rejected princesses”, but these ladies sure made tongues wagling in their time. I could give a whole list but these ones always stuck with me (and some other more local known ladies).
    Kenau of course you heard of by now I’m sure, but mostly I liked the fact that in the lower countries they nicknamed canons after women. At least we made sure to give them a real blast :)

    Once you started digging, you found so many different things. I’m not always fond of people saying that women slipped between the creaks of history. We were definitely there, and if you just look a bit these ladies are far from forgotten but just in need of some love and attention ;)

  11. allison rasmussen

    I know you have the survey but I quite a few have been covered and that’s pretty cool, That and I didnt really know the rest, so I think I’ll just comment this one Suggestion though I’m not sure how qualified it is; Anna May Wong ( Her English name) She was one of the first Asian woman in Hollywood. (SHe might be a it too famous but she’s pretty cool regardless)

  12. Ash Olech

    Here are some suggestions:
    Loretta Velazquez
    Veronica Franco
    Madame Pompadour
    Nell Gwynn

  13. JLRaphael

    I was going to suggest Rigoberta Menchu, but she is still alive, darn. I mean, she deserves to be better known, not that I wish she was dead! I don’t suppose you’d consider doing a volume on women still alive but not known? I do see why you want to avoid Hepburn, even if she was quite the character!

  14. Jason Porath

    Problem with living figures is their story isn’t over yet. Had I covered Aung San Suu Kyi for book one, it would have missed her complicity in the Rohingya genocide. Even after death, the full story takes a long time to come out. It wasn’t until 30 years after Neerja Bhanot’s death that we learned her deeds were overblown.

  15. derfner

    Just got the book and am LOVING it.

    Can I suggest Hedy Lamarr, who was not only a bombshell actress but also invented Bluetooth?

    You also said you’d be including a few living folks—can I suggest checking out Crystal Roh Gawding, Leymah Gbowee, and Comfort Freeman, Nobel Prize winners of Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace? Together they a) orchestrated a sex strike (Lysistrata but it worked) and cornered President Charles Taylor during peace talks in Ghana:

    “Two hundred women surrounded the room, dressed in white, dominating the conversation. Any time the negotiators tried to leave, the women threatened to take off all of their clothes [which would have disgraced them]. Enclosed in the room with the women, the men would try to jump out of the windows to escape their talk. But the women persisted, staging a sit in outside of the Presidential Palace. They blocked all the doors and windows and prevented anyone from leaving the peace talks without a resolution.”

    In the end they basically ended the Second Liberian Civil War, got rid of Taylor, and paved the way for the country’s first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. (Gbowee wrote a book called MIGHTY ARE OUR POWERS; I’ve only skimmed it but it looks great.)

  16. seraphim_grace

    What about Violette Szabo, she was a spy and saboteur in WW2 [rumour suggests assassin as well] and she and her husband remain the most decorated couple of WW2, in many ways she was the real life Agent Peggy Carter [from Marvel comics], she was recruited for the Special Operations Executive, she was able to go where male agents couldn’t go and as such worked with and for the resistance. She was unfortunately caught and executed but she’s still definitely someone who changed history

  17. Jason Porath

    There’s certainly no shortage of great SOE entries. Szabo is on the list, as are many others, including the inimitable Nancy Wake. :D

  18. Connie Warr

    Would you ever consider doing an entry on Alice Guy-Blanche?

  19. leah

    What about Larcena Pennington? She was a badass and often referred to as the female hugh glass! She survived being speared, stabbed and thrown down the side of a mountain. She was left for dead but she survived and over the course of 16 days slowly crawled back to safety…oh yeah and she did it all while wearing nothing more than a slip!

  20. Jason Porath

    Holy crap! Putting her on the list of people to cover asap. :) Thank you!