Two Big Announcements (and One Smaller One)

1) There’s going to be a second book.

(the above image is probably not going to be its cover though) 

Here’s the details:

  • There will be 40-50 entries.
  • I’m likely going to include more modern figures, including a small number of living ones.
  • It’ll have a similar format to book one, except with more inline imagery. Each page will have artwork, not just singular poster images. Each entry would get an average of 4 pages – meaning doing full-on comic entries for every entry isn’t doable for this volume, but I will try to preserve as many elements from that as possible.
  • Aiming to make it all historical figures this time (no myths or legends).
  • Looking at an earlier 2018 release date.
  • It’ll be themed around a central idea — initially we were going to do “Nevertheless She Persisted,” but were beaten to the punch. Still working out what it’ll be.
  • All of this is subject to change.

Let me know who you’d like in the book!

Fill out THIS FORM to give me an idea on who you think should get included!

2) You’re Getting Another Treat

You may have noticed I’ve opened up a Patreon account for those who want to help support RP – giving out a ton of behind-the-scenes rewards for backers, including access to reference imagery, timelapse art videos,and in-progress art! Well, enough people are now backing me that we hit a stretch goal:

All those modern-day badass women I blog about? They’re getting added to the map. Just need to spend some time recoding things to not kill the load time, but it’s coming.

3) You Could Have Gotten This News Last Week

I let Patreon backers know first, and mailing list members know second. Yep, there’s a mailing list! I keep forgetting to tell people. :) Sign up here. I send out emails maybe four or five times a year?

4) The Hint For Next Entry Is Up

Here it is:

This level-headed naginata expert nevertheless lost her head in what is today Fukushima.

(submit guesses here, and if you’re right, I’ll list you under ‘shout-outs’ on the next entry!)

This is going to be a somewhat shorter entry, and will lead into another shortish entry – following a different woman whose story dovetails with the naginata expert- a week or two after.



Thanks to all of you for your support. Going to be an exciting year.