Inuit Folk Tales pt 2

Okay, just one more Inuit folk tale. Probably the weirdest in the entire book.

8 Responses to “Inuit Folk Tales pt 2”

  1. SierraC

    …Wow. Weirdest story indeed. Kind of like a fever dream.

  2. David K Anderson

    Wait, that’s not _supposed_ to happen?

    Well…this is awkward.

  3. Eira

    I’m confused: were the scorpions pulled out of the mother’s or the daughter’s vagina?

  4. Valerie Kaplan

    Sea scorpions? In MY vagina?

  5. Sam Kaso

    And which one of them fell over dead? Ambiguous pronouns.

  6. me

    From what storybook is this?

  7. Sarah

    I’m thinking the old woman was pulling the scorpions out of the DAUGHTER’S vagina. Because, you know, they would be in her vagina, therefore be her “lovers”.

  8. Botty Paige

    I think the old woman was giving her daughter’s inheritance to her. She decides to just give up and die and leaves the daughter with the reality of now being the unwanted, unappreciated, miserable old lady whose daughter gives her piss to drink because she’s so boring. Sort of like if a crazy cat lady gave all her cats to her daughter, but instead of a house full of semi-feral felines it’s a vagina crammed full of assorted arthropods. Or possibly the daughter wanted some excitement in her life, something she couldn’t have while tethered to her enfeebled elderly mother whom she had to care for, and the mom gives her a very harsh and fatalistic lesson on appreciating the stable mundane sort of life you have rather than lusting/chasing after fantasies. Sort of the opposite of ‘Follow your dreams.’ which makes sense when you live somewhere suitably harsh and unforgiving, like the arctic circle for instance. Possibly the old woman was just like, “Hah! I knew you had some sense, lice are so easily crushed. Sea Scorpions make for greatly superior lovers. Here, why don’t you try some?” Presumably with a proud glint in her eye from seeing that, truly, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

    Summary: Sea Scorpions out of mother’s vagina, mother dies, daughter is left with a bunch of recently dislocated Sea Scorpions looking for a new home. She made her bed and now she gets to sleep in it.