Priss Fotheringham’s Novelty Sex Act: “Chucking”

Mid-1600s: London prostitute Priss Fotheringham makes a name for herself through the long-forgotten novelty sex act of “chucking” – wherein she would stand on her head naked, legs akimbo, and onlookers would “chuck” coins into her, um, “commodity.” According to legend, she could fit 16 half-crowns (40 shillings) in there.

(kind of the inverse of a ping pong ball show?)

More information here.


3 Responses to “Priss Fotheringham’s Novelty Sex Act: “Chucking””

  1. Arthur Frayn

    She hit her stride “chucking” in 1660, the beginning of the Restoration, one of the most excessive periods of English history. It was a good time to be a whore with a decadent novelty act. Here’s to her memory.

  2. archersangel

    If she was the second best, who was THE best? And who had the official word on such things?

  3. Hypatia

    She was coining it in!