Women used to duel (topless)

When we think of historical duels, we may tend to imagine two men handsomely dressed wielding pistols or swords over some offense to one party’s honor. One particular duel, however, presents a very different picture of honor battles. Not only was it between two women; it was between two women fighting topless.

The rationale was to prevent infections by not getting dirty clothing into the wounds. However, that didn’t prevent certain peoples’ imaginations from running wild.

(Image taken from this post, which has links to some other posts on the topic.)

One Response to “Women used to duel (topless)”

  1. LisYaj

    i would image why they would dual topless. but i also image they weren’t the first to duel topless.

    can you image, in those period, the bulky clothes they wore? if they had worn those and fought, they wouldn’t know if the other player cheated by not mentioning that the other player has drawn blood?

    not only that, but when you compare it to male duel, they either go topless or wear a light clothes, in which you can spot the blood.

    beside, this isn’t the first historical record of women dueling topless. there are a few other historical where women also dual either topless or in nude and it was always involve actual matter than compare to when men duel for honor or woman’s