Welcome to Rejected Princesses!

The website is basically divided up into two categories: Princess entries, and the blog.

  • The Princess entries are the meat of the site. With a new entry up each Wednesday, they put the spotlight on unusual and interesting women from around the world, usually with a thoroughly-researched writeup, illustrated in a contemporary animated style.
  • The blog is the “everything else” portion of the site, usually updated daily. You’ll find a variety of stuff here, such as:
    • Modern Worthies,” a listing of amazing contemporary women and links to their stories.
    • Community posts – fan art, cosplay, fan fiction, quizzes, etc. Submit your own, if you’d like!
    • Weird history,” items found while doing research.
    • In-progress art pieces and breakdowns.
    • Interesting news items, appearances of RP in the press, and the like.

Additionally, you’ll notice a couple awesome features on the site that you might dig. These include:

  • The map, where you can browse princess entries on a Google Map. Drag the time range slider to see who was alive in what era! See who lived near you! (I worked super hard on this, so I hope you like it!)
  • Advanced search features on map, Princess, and Modern Worthy entries: filter by rating (kid-friendly? adult-only?), type (intellectual? regal? martial?), their moral fiber, and more!
  • Mobile-friendly – should work fine on any modern smartphone!
  • Handicap-accessible – should work fine with just keyboard navigation and screen-reader technology!

It’s been a colossal amount of work, and an endless outpouring of thanks must go to my brother for beta-testing it. Without him, there would be no handicap access, it would look terrible on mobile, and none of the search features would work. He is the true hero of this redesign.


P.S. I took the opportunity to add one last Amazon Week entry which had gotten delayed in all the shuffling around. Check out Blazing Rainbow here!

6 Responses to “Welcome to Rejected Princesses!”

  1. laurapepwu

    The new site is looking fab, Jason! So amazed by all you’re doing and proud to know you. Come visit us in the UK soon – plenty of princesses over here! xoxox

  2. Rose

    Who do you favor in the campaign to put a woman on the $20?