Why “Rejected” Princesses?

durene asked:

Why present these as rejected princesses, and not potential princesses? Many successful kids’ movies are sanitized versions of stories. I’d personally love to see the a Disney princess like Nzinga. She’s a real person, there is much documentation on her life, she is still revered by many people today, and there’s far more to her than someone who just sat on a servant, and later slit his throat. It would be nice for Disney to finally depict its first African, humanoid princess.

2 Responses to “Why “Rejected” Princesses?”

  1. The Vinyl Princess

    I always have enjoyed the name because it has always given off the air of being the princess you don’t see in movies. I feel that your website title (and the site itself) is pretty accurate in reflecting just what you have talked about. So, yes, the title is perfect. I think it also works because the women you talk about seem to have an air of not giving a care of what others think of them, so I think it is perfect!!!!

    P.S. Thank you for all the work you do with it!!!

  2. Amelia W Case

    Love the Rejected Princesses and so do my daughters. Thank you from the Princesses With A Twist team. If you haven’t seen what we have done, take a peek. http://www.princesseswithatwist.com and on FB: Princesses With A Twist. You have us beat but what we have done with the traditional princess narrative saved the day (day after day) for us!! Keep up the good work and Thank You!!