World Nomad Games


Chynara Madinkulova (long hair) and Aida Akmatova (bun) performing at the World Nomad games in Kyrgyzstan, which concluded last week. You can watch their performance here:

Said games also include eagle hunting, horseback wrestling, and setting people on fire. Also cirit, a game where you chuck javelins at people on horseback. Clearly the Olympics needs to step it up.

And yes, I said setting people on fire. It’s called Oert Jalymdagan Chabandes, and though it’s not one of the games included in competition, there was an exhibition.


(thanks to Adrienne Mayor for finding out the names of these women!)

5 Responses to “World Nomad Games”

  1. Aajaxx

    Where’s the goat-head polo?

  2. dooglio

    This is so amazing! And dead sexy too!

  3. Michael Croft

    I’m sad the Oert Jalymdagan Chabandes video isn’t available in my county. Hopefully, soon…

    I am wondering what the rules are for the competition. Does amount of fire matter, or do you just have to still be burning when you cross the finish line?