Wu Zetian to get her own TV series from Game of Thrones producer

The drama will be centered on Wu Zetian, the only female empress in the history of China.

One of the GoT producers is doing a 13-episode series on former RP Wu Zetian – awesome! Well, I did always describe her life story as making GoT look like a day at the beach…

Less awesome is the article’s repeated use of the word “empress,” particularly describing her as “China’s only female empress” – no, all the empresses were female, I believe. She was China’s only female emperor – or at least, that’s how many translate the title she took. Crossing fingers the series turns out well.

(and just because I think it’s funny how these things work out – remember how I mentioned former RP Tomyris is a playable character in the newest Civilization video game? Well, Wu was a playable character in the last one. And the lead designer of that game is even a fan of RP!)