Your next hint! Plus: talks I’m giving!

Hey y’all! Miss me?

First: new entry Wednesday! Here’s your hint:

Four bullet wounds heralded the end of this New Orleans woman’s marriage, and the beginning of her new life.

(submit guesses here, and if you’re right, I’ll list you under ‘shout-outs’ next week!)

Now, as to what has been keeping me so busy:

  • I have a day job again (working on Independence Day 2 visual effects until May). Takes up a lot of time, but yay, I can pay bills!
  • Book edits have gotten intense – but things are moving! I hope to be able to show y’all a final cover sometime soon. Release date is sometime in October, as it currently stands. It’s gonna look so cool, y’all. I’m getting giddy doing the layouts and design work. It’ll be worth your while.
  • Next weekend, I’m giving a talk at BIL Vancouver!
  • I’m flying out to Central Michigan University and giving some talks there on February 29th and March 1st to usher in Women’s History Month!
  • There’s also been stuff going with sekrit projects. It goes slowly, but hopefully I can share details down the line.


More soon!

3 Responses to “Your next hint! Plus: talks I’m giving!”

  1. Deb Salisbury

    Yay! I can’t wait to see your cover!

  2. Guest

    Hi! could you do a page regarding Borte, wife of Genghis Khan? She’s a total badass!

  3. Jason Porath

    Putting her on the list to research! Thanks!