Book Tour

Here’s a list of all the events I have currently lined up for my book tour. Come by if you can!

  • Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 7-9pm: Book release party/signing at Book Soup
  • Columbus, OH  – October 27, 6-8pm: Talk and signing at Columbus College of Art and Design
  • San Francisco, CA – November 1, 7-8pm: Talk at DoubleUnion
  • San Francisco, CA – November 2, 8pm: Talk at Ignite San Francisco
  • San Francisco, CA – November 3, 6:30-8pm: Book signing at Borderlands Books
  • Durham, NC – November 15, 9:30-10:45am: Talk at Durham Technical Institute
  • Atlanta, GA – November 16, 7-9pm: Book signing at Eagle Eye Bookshop
  • Louisville, KY – November 8, 7-9pm: Book signing at Carmichaels Bookstore
  • Chicago, IL – November 21, 7-9pm : Book signing at Volumes Bookcafe (event here)
  • Washington, DC – November 29, 7-9pm : Book signing at Upshur Street Books (event here)
  • New York, NY – December 1-7: To be determined (still trying to line things up)
  • Boston, MA – December 8, 7-9pm : Book signing and costume party at Trident Booksellers (event here)
  • Los Angeles – January 12, 7-9pm: Talk at Nerd Nite Los Angeles

Hey, any plans to come to ~?

I’d love to. But this entire trip has been funded out of pocket, and it’s enormously expensive and stressful for me to do. It’s been a complete nightmare to plan. I have very loose plans to hit up the west coast (SF, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver) in the new year, likely February or so, but beyond that, no immediate plans.