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Here's a couple favorite entries, which might help you get a good idea of what to expect on the site.

Heroes and Rapscallions

Noor Inayat Khan: The Spy Princess

Pacifist Indian princess who gave up everything of herself to hold the line in occupied Paris during World War 2.

Julie d'Aubigny: Princess of the Opera

Sword-slinging, opera-singing bisexual rock star of the 17th century - who burnt down a convent to romance a nun and had to be pardoned by the king of France TWICE.

Osh-Tisch: Princess of Two Spirits

The last Crow nation baté (Two Spirit mystic) in history, she earned her name -- which means "Finds Them and Kills Them" -- by tirelessly fighting to preserve her way of life.


Annie Jump Cannon: The Queen of Modern Astronomy

This astronomer threw off all the social conventions of her day to pursue her one true calling: the stars.

Ida B. Wells: Princess of the Press

One of the first anti-lynching advocates, she risked her life for decades to report on the truth when nobody would believe her.

Hypatia: The Martyr Mathematician

The first female mathematician in recorded history, and one of the luminaries of the ancient world - but her grisly death at the hands of a mob was only the start of her troubles.

Warrior Women

Iara: Brazil's Lady of the Lake

When this indigenous Brazilian warrior mermaid proved too awesome for her tribe, she just took up residence in the water, and started an aquatic harem of passers-by.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya: The Tank-Driving Widow

When her husband was killed in WW2, she sold all their belongings, bought a tank, named it Fighting Girlfriend, and started killing Nazis.

Nzinga Mbande: Mother of Angola

When the Portuguese took the throne from her, this Angolan queen made a new one: out of her own servant. She then fled to the jungle, conquered a tribe of cannibals, and waged war on the Portuguese for so long that they gave up and left.


Elisabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess

Possibly the most prolific female serial killer in history, a primary inspiration for Dracula, one of the most reviled women in history, and, I argue, innocent.

Wu Zetian: China's Only Female Emperor

The only female emperor of China in history, her ruthless rise to power makes Game of Thrones look like a day at the beach.

Ranavalona I: The Female Caligula

This brutal sovereign's reign saw her outlaw clapping, pioneer death by feet-kissing, and design giant weaponized scissors - but are we only getting one side of the story...?

Modern Worthies

RP also profiles notable women from living memory under the heading of "Modern Worthies." Here are some favorites.

Tu Youyou: Conqueror of Malaria

Humanity's greatest weapon against malaria came from an unlikely source: a secret military program, where a woman worked in obscurity for decades.

Ashima Shiraishi: Tweenage champion rock climber

This 13-year-old is one of the top female rock climbers in the world. And she's got a great sense of humor on top of that.

Kitty O'Neil: The fastest woman alive

This strong-willed stuntwoman barreled through measles, mumps, smallpox, meningitis, deafness, and cancer to become the fastest woman alive.

Neerja Bhanot: Heroine of the Hijack

When terrorists hijacked her plane, she gave her life to save it, becoming the youngest recipient of India's highest honor.

Annie Jean Easley: Engineer, mathematician, and rocket scientist

Annie Easley was given literacy tests. Annie Easley was told she didn't go to a good enough school. Annie Easley became a goddamn rocket scientist. Annie Easley did not listen to the haters.

The Gulabi Gang: The heroes India needs

An all-female vigilante group wanders rural India, teaching women self defense and confronting abusive husbands.

Junko Tabei: The first woman to climb Mount Everest

The first woman to climb Mount Everest - she did so even when her native Japan wanted her to do nothing but raise children and serve tea.

Vera Peters: Mother of the Modern Mastectomy

When she was told to "go do women's work" after upstaging the medical community in her treatment of Hodgkin's disease, Dr. Vera Peters revolutionized breast cancer treatment through years of painstaking, meticulous work.

Mo'Ne Davis

This Little League pitching phenom can throw a 70 MPH fastball and elevated her team to the Little League World Series. Throw like a girl, indeed.

Other Entries

Sometimes entries don't fall into neat categories. These include: comics starring the RPs interacting, quick sketches of minor historical figures, essays about historical concepts, insights into the design process, and the like. Here's a sampling.

Rejected Princess Theatre: Risky Business

In which the Rejected Princesses learn to play Risk.

William Brown, the first black woman in the Royal Navy

In the 1800s, the Royal Navy discovered that one of its crewmen was, in actuality, a married black woman. Turns out she had her reasons for entering the service.

The Master List of Historical Women in Combat

Women have been serving in combat since the dawn of human civilization. Here's exhaustive proof.

A Peek into the Design Process!

This week, since I'm still a bit banged up, I'm bringing you all a peek behind the curtain, in the form of some design sketches and a timelapse video of me drawing Vispala from scratch (the above gif is from this).

Japan's greatest warlord... a woman?

There's a theory going around Japan that could dramatically rewrite their history. It posits that Uesugi Kenshin, one of their greatest warlords, was actually a woman. And there's some pretty compelling evidence.

Meet the Amazons

We kick off Amazon Week by meeting Worthy of Armor, Don’t Fail, Princess, Battle Cry, and Hot Flanks - and exploring the historical evidence for amazons!