Rejected Princess Theatre: The Bet

Here’s what you need to know: Julie d’Aubigny (blue) and Catalina de Erauso (orange) were basically historical pickup artists. Except they were bisexual women and they sometimes killed people. Seriously, you should click those links if you don’t know who they are, they’re pretty interesting.

vignette3_1 vignette3_2


Notes and trivia:

  • The lyrics for the song about Julie’s father in panel 2 come courtesy of Tumblr user Skemono, who came up with them many moons ago.
  • On the second page, we have cameos from Khutulun and Sermerssuaq.
  • I stayed up ’til 3 AM chatting with native speakers of French in Japan, New Zealand, and Paris, because I knew one of y’all would harp on my usage of the language. Suffice to say: I know what doesn’t make sense about what I wrote, and at this point I don’t care.
  • Same thing goes with the music notation.
  • I love the fact that Catalina de Erauso randomly flinging a knife into a crowded bar is totally in character.


Been a bit since we did a straight-up fairytale, so let’s do that! I have two new books to go through, so if they have better stories waiting therein I might change which one I’m doing, but for now your hint is: the Big Bad Snake is no match for the power of Micronesian sisters.

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