RP Theatre: Negotiation Tactics!

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And that’s another edition of RP Theatre (click here for more)! Since I have a bunch of new readers, thought I’d do a short comic to re-introduce some of the people I’ve already covered. We have:

Back to long comic format next week.

8 Responses to “RP Theatre: Negotiation Tactics!”

  1. Mitsumune


  2. ambaryerno

    Why has there not been a major film about d’Aubigny’s life yet? This needs to be a thing!

  3. Catkins

    There isn’t a film but there is a book. It’s called Goddess by Kelly Gardiner. But I agree there needs to be a proper film, one that does her justice and doesn’t portray her as over sexualised.

  4. Sanjay Merchant

    If anyone could disrupt Pavlichenko’s cool, it’d be La Maupin.

  5. ambaryerno

    Yeah, I’ve read it. Pretty good book, though it certainly takes a few liberties. The framing story with the priest was interesting, but I wasn’t a fan of the use of present tense in the flashbacks/main story.

  6. TheRejectedPrince

    Loved the part with lyudmila and aubingy , and thats one extra sexy shit to pornify :)

  7. JoiaJ

    Agreeing w/Alison E. Wise from the d’Aubigny page – it must be in the style of the 1970s “The Three Musketeers” movies.

  8. Agnieszka

    Yeah, a film would probably just make her into an oiled kitten writhing on top of everyone, with perhaps one fencing scene where they’d be mostly busy showing off her ass. The problem with films about women who were smart and seductive is that the “smart” part is tossed out of the window, and the hole it leaves behind is crammed with cheap, male-gaze-oriented “sexiness.”