16 Responses to “Amanirenas”

  1. lumenatrix

    “Jumbo” is very intimidating. Was his secret weapon shooting peanuts out of his trunk? ;)

  2. Fabulous Alien

    Loved the art on the last pic!

  3. Anthony

    I think the very unsecret weapon of crushing enemies underfoot was probably good enough

  4. Purple Dave

    A few years back I watched a miniseries, and then read a book, called Guns, Germs, and Steel. One of the basic premises is that Europe, by luck of geography, ended up with access to the best crops and domesticated animals, and advanced very quickly past the rest of the world as a result. They basically walked over North America, Australia, and the northern and southern parts of Africa because they all had familiar climates. South America and central Africa were more problematic because just as indigenous North American people had no immunity to European diseases, Europeans were just as vulnerable to tropical diseases like Malaria and Yellow Fever. So, if Colonial-era Europeans with all their firearms and more arvancedmedicine ground to a halt in conquering Central Africa, I’m not sure the Romans would have just walked over the continent no matter how many soldiers they sent down there. Yeah, maybe Kush would have been bowled over, but that’s probably as far as the would have gotten at the time.

  5. TheOneWithTheBook

    Fascinating, I don’t know why I’ve never heard about her before.
    Does anyone know how she lost her eye? The art here depicts her with a scar, so did she lose it in battle?

  6. Jason Porath

    The histories don’t say, but most assume she lost it in battle. Strabo describes her as man-like and missing an eye.

  7. Dakota

    I looked up Candace to see why some people submittted that. It is actually believed to have been a name used for Amanirenas in Strabo’s account of the Meroitic war. So, people were submitting an alternate name actually.

  8. Anashe`

    I just watched an episode of “Africa’s Great Civilizations” and Amanirenas was mentioned. Super cool to have the visuals and your writing to go along with it. Awesome job!

  9. Toni Kief

    This is wonderful, makes the story so easy to understand. Where were you when I was a girl?

  10. Nunya Biznys

    Sounds like reluctance to admit that an African Army defeated a Roman army, fair and square.

  11. marcus noisette

    All black queens were called Candace

  12. esmeralda


  13. Alex Woodring

    I just saw that episode and learned of her….i knew of Cleopatra of course. It a shame Cleoatras story doesnt progress into Amanirenas’s