12 Responses to “Anahit”

  1. de_Pizan

    I love the children’s book, A Weave of Words by Robert San Souci about them.

  2. D.S. Ryelle

    The name of the goddess that I’m familiar with adds an extra A–Anahita. Beyond that, however, I don’t know anything about Her.

  3. Deb Salisbury

    Wonderful! You had me rolling in the aisles!

  4. Andrea

    Godsdammit, Petros! (he’s my new favorite RP character XD)

  5. Jeanette Wu

    I remember reading a gorgeous picture book of this very story back when I was a little girl in elementary school. The villain was made into a sand ifrit, harkening back to a gender-bent version of this tale found in a Persian romance. In hindsight, the villain being a priest or bandit seems more likely, because what sort of demon kidnaps random people to open sweatshops? But at least there’s a badass scene of Anahit riding in to slay the demon. Ah, nostalgia.

    Your version of the armor is good too. Love Petros’ little literary references.

    Edit: I found the illustrations for that book! A Weave of Words by Robert San Souci and illustrated by Raul Colon

  6. Greg Chopoorian

    Your representation of Armenian dress was a thousand times more accurate than the usual nonsense I see in Armenian related stuff..in general, the clothing of peasants remained more isolated from outside influences, with those of the nobility being, after the fall of the Ardashesian dynasty, more susceptible to foreign influences…all of this is well documented..as you continue your research, you will find that the Armenian costume of the last several hundred years falls, much like the Armenian language, into Western and Eastern divisions (a reference to geography not culture..Western Armenian dress was more broadly “Middle Eastern”, with Eastern Armenian dress having an affinity with Caucuses mountain/northern Iranian styles…Some Armenians get extra cranky when the see the traditions of Armenians from regions they are poorly informed about and start labeling as “not authentic” when they really have no actual regionsl expertise, just conceit, ignorance, and decades of being programmed by the costine inventory of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia, which, under Soviet influence, ignored nine tenths of the historic Armenian regional costumes at the direction of Soviet authorities who were suspicious of any Armenian longings for geography that had been ceded to the Turks, and whose costumes had a powerful symbolic representation and evocation..

  7. Hana - Marmota

    I think she’s just become my personal folktale heroine.

  8. Chaos Kenos

    I had to read “A Modest Proposal” recently so I see where the guy is coming from and he is now one of my favorite characters.

  9. esmeralda

    i love the ending

  10. pointe4Jesus

    I think this is my favorite out of all RPs! :)