10 Responses to “Ani Pachen”

  1. Psyche Euridyce

    My father, who was a stamp collector-corresponded with a guy in China, and apparently the Chinese view is that Tibet was a dirty rural hick place and they were “saving” them from it by doing things like destroying the monistaries

  2. Jeanette Wu

    Tibetan life was not perfect before the Chinese takeover, but given the shaky authority the Chinese, especially the Communist Chinese government had over the region, it would be the equivalent of America taking over all of Mexico to stop the current drug smuggling problem.

  3. Psyche Euridyce

    That’s a pretty good analogy, and I have to agree with you on that. I also find it interesting that they seem to be quiet on why it was necessary to put the locals through so much.

  4. Deb Salisbury

    This story brought tears to my eyes. Such a brave woman!

    Thank you for sharing her journey.

  5. Jeanette Wu

    Mao wanted to commit cultural genocide, not just on Tibetans and other minorities, but on the Han Chinese as well. He wanted to mold the nation into a modern Communist one like the Soviet Union…which means dressing, behaving, and even talking like the Soviets. Even to this day China has a cultural identity crisis over how much traditional culture its people should reclaim. Ironically, Mao himself was a poet and writer well versed in Chinese classics.

  6. Psyche Euridyce

    I seem to recall reading about the Cultural Revolution, and it sounds a lot like he truly thought that the reason why his Great Leap Forward didn’t work out was because China was stubbornly keeping the old ways. It doesn’t surprise me that he’d try to do the same to the Tibetan people.

  7. Pizza Fox

    No lie I cried reading this

  8. Kalisang Ren

    Dorjee Phurba looks the male, Tibetan version of my patroness, Kali-ma. (Wow, he’s fierce!)

  9. Ren

    I think it’s Dorje Pakmo/Vajravārāhī. “Phurba” is a knife.
    (I could be wrong…)