3 Responses to “Beloved”

  1. Kyia

    I think there was a variation of this in an anthology book called “Centuries of Stories” I read once, but it only had the mother and the daughter running from slavers as they go north. There was never any discussion of the afterwards when the mother “got away”, although in the variation I read, it was implied that the mother didnt get away either. I thought when I saw this entry that there were probably many variations on this theme of running and not entirely making it, but its interesting to see a story that goes further then that.

    I would like to congratulate you on the brilliance of the idea of having these stories mapped by location. It is extremely interesting to see the spatial orientation of so many of these stories, especially when you consider the TYPE of woman/story they are compared to where they are. (I took enough geography courses to be curious about such things.) Mapping these stories has allowed me to find entries I’ve never seen before, which is awesome, except now I think I’ve read them all more then once. Time to get the book!

  2. What_the_Foucault

    “Beloved” is loosely based on Margaret Garner, an enslaved woman who killed her daughter to keep her from being a slave as well.