8 Responses to “Boudica”

  1. Jessie

    I know I’m a little late to the game here but I’ve spent the morning goofing off and reading up on all the rejected princesses – and it’s been a great morning. I just have one thing to add. Modern day Camulodunum isn’t a 6 inch layer of paste now, it’s the city of Colchester, it’s still a garrison town and you can still see the remains of the old Roman wall around the city. The local historical society does a fantastic tour of Roman Colchester (complete with tour guides in costume, even in January). Boudicca doesn’t feature as prominently as you might like as they mostly talk about the Roman garrison and the Norman castle in the park. Oh, and according to those guys, Humpty Dumpty was a big cannon that fell off the Colchester city wall (obviously, post-Romans).

  2. Jason Porath

    Well, technically it is — it’s buried 13 feet below ground, but it is a sickly layer of red clay which other cities were subsequently built on top of. But point well taken, I should probably be more clear on that. :)

  3. April Smith

    Love it! Maybe at some point you can do Medb/Maev or Lilith? Queen Medb was known for her power and sexual lust, needing 7 men to please her or her boy toy just once. She insisted on being of equal wealth to her husband even if it meant going to war over 1 bull. Lilith is a Jewish myth presumably created to reconcile the two different accounts of human’s creation in Genesis: In the first, man and woman are created together; in the second, man is created first then woman from his rib. The tale goes that Lilith was created first, but refused to submit to Adam or lie beneath him during sex, insisting they were created equal and should be equal. She was driven out of Eden for this, and Eve was next created to be subservient. As revenge, Lilith mated with demons and gave birth to hundreds of demons every day (It was something like three angels swore to kill 300 of her offspring a day so she gave birth to 400 a day). She was often blamed for infants dying for seemingly no reason.

  4. Jackal

    I think Boudicca gets to be a heroine because they started it. She might’ve played ball, but not after these shitheads rob her, hurt her, humiliate her, and rape her daughters. I mean, really. Almost anyone would start burning your shit down after all that.

  5. Dany Rae Best

    OH MY GOD. So I followed these for a while and faded off for a bit, but because it was getting more popular on imgur and more new stories were popping up, I was curious if you guys finally covered Boudica. THANK YOU FOR ADDING HER IN!!!

  6. Nightjar

    Maybe you can do one for Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd one day? Or Betsi Cadwaladr? Nell Gwyn, Emma Hamilton have some good stories as well!

  7. Bohdana Panchyshyn

    It’s a good story but historically several things probably aren’t true. Typically when the Roman historians write about rebels they overestimate the numbers of the enemy to make it a bigger deal when they win. Roman historians in general aren’t accurate because they have tendency to focus on politics and morals and such (since Roman historians tend to be from the upper class), making up the details as they go. Historians of Greece and Rome also had a tendency of copying other people’s work because some of them weren’t alive at the time of the events, relying on rumors, eyewitness accounts and their own agendas to write the story (that’s how you get such outragous stories of Roman emperors, lesson to the wise: don’t antagonize the media).

  8. steviesun

    Also it’s a town rather than a city. And thanks to Boudica – the oldest recorded town in Britain.
    The temple that was burnt down in Colchester was built on sand. The incredible foundations they put in to enable it to stand on that sand survive as the foundation of the medieval castle keep. A keep which is one of the largest built in britain (because it used the roman foundations), and was the model upon which the tower of london was based.