26 Responses to “Catalina de Erauso”

  1. Janet Coburn

    Hey, I got her too, and only my second guess!

  2. Silverlady Cra

    Yay! I missing a girl like this, after la Maupin – they would be good friends. Is the woman in white that one who demanded Erauso to bed her?

  3. Aly Caviness

    Oops, mentioned this on the FB page before I saw there were comments here! Thank you so much for doing an entry on Catalina. I have a particular love for her since I did a digital history project on her last summer where I mapped her travels and did some analysis of her autobiography. If anyone’s interested, you can check it out over here!


  4. Jason Porath

    You didn’t send it in on the form, so it got lost. :( My email is like a firehose, I can’t keep track of everything.

  5. Jason Porath

    Meant to be her jilted bride, actually. But hey!

  6. Jason Porath

    RAD! Thanks for sharing! :D

  7. Janet Coburn

    Sorry about that. I couldn’t find the link on the page, even after it was fixed. It’s probably my aged eyes. I’ve got it this time, though!

  8. Lulu R.

    Er… Is it just me, or does she only have one eyebrow?

  9. Jason Porath

    Just you. :) One’s up, one’s down.

  10. Jason Porath

    (I work at really high resolution; please forgive the tiny imperfections you’ll find when you zoom in this close)

  11. ambaryerno

    I was just coming to post the same thing. Erauso and D’Aubigny together would make for one hell of a party.

  12. Flavia Barbieri G

    Cool detail about the cards! Those cards are still used nowadays to play several games, at least in Argentina (Escoba del 15, Tute Cabrero, Truco, etc.). In other South American countries, I’ve seen them used for “reading” in a similar way as the tarot cards.

  13. archersangel

    A early Happy Birthday to you!

  14. Nickname of the Day

    “…Pope Urban VIII in the background puts up his hands in frustration at her consistent lawlessness.”

    Best part of the illustration, IMO.

  15. Blas Uberuaga

    Awesome to see this Basque featured on the site!

  16. esmeralda

    whats happening in the picture?

  17. Francesca

    Hi, I came across this page as I was looking for stories to use with my 7th grade students. But while this one is perfect, I have to ask about the footnote about her “her super-problematic attitudes regarding Native Americans.” Elsewhere online, there are notes that she “participated in mass killings of Chuncos,” not just a “problematic attitude,” and that this was a reason for her lack of promotion in the military. Obviously finding something “online” is not a ringing endorsement of the information’s credibility, but if this is something for which there is verification, I’m not comfortable getting my students excited about her without telling them that, too.

    I will look around a little more and see what I can turn up, but if you know more, please let me know!