14 Responses to “Ching Shih”

  1. Ashlie

    These are all so awesome! Love them all! Can you do Kurmanjan Datka next? Pleeeease? I’m in Kyrgyzstan where’s she’s a big fucking deal because, well, she was a badass.

  2. Skemono

    There are hints each week for who the next princess will be. The current hint is “This notable resident of Flinders Island has a name – and a story – that reads like a tragic opera.” So… probably not Kurmanjan Datka. But she is on the list.

  3. joyhorse13

    Cool! Reminds me of Grace O’Malley.

  4. Maria Hammarström

    Has she broken her back, or was her backbone made out of rubber?

  5. Jonathan Hughes

    That bizarre 90-degree angle is actually her leg.

  6. Jason Porath

    I get it, I can’t draw. Thanks y’all. :) It’s on the docket to be redrawn.

  7. KingofWinter

    not really an error in the article, but ive always thought it telling that among historians, that when successfull and powerfull pirates gets brought up, ching-shih is almost never brought up, or when she is, she’s often ranked far below where she should be, considering that all in all, she was undoubtedly the most powerfull and among the richest pirates the world has ever seen.

    she controlled a fleet of, at its height 70000+ men, more than several modern nations have proffesional soliders. she took on the powers of the portugese and chinese empires of the time, both nations have massively powerfull navies and crushed them. then after a life of asskicking, she forced an empire she had plundered for years to give her and her men amnesty for their crimes and then retired peacefully and rich as sin.

    all of this should mean that she’s the greatest pirate ever to live, yet she’s far more obscure than pretty much any carribean pirate of any renown, even though the most powerfull of those, Bartholomew Roberts didnt have one tenth of that power behind him and died fighting the authorities.

    hell, here’s Forbes list of the top earning pirates in history http://www.forbes.com/2008/09/18/top-earning-pirates-biz-logistics-cx_mw_0919piracy.html and she despite actually retiring with most her wealth isnt even mentioned.

    in other words, despite being history’s greastest pirate, she doomed to obscurity because she’s 1. a woman and 2. asian.

  8. Jason Porath

    Hi there,

    Thank you for commenting, but, as you can imagine, using sexist slurs is not allowed on this site. And there is certainly plenty of room for both Grace O’Malley and Ching Shih to be great historical figures. The awesomeness of one does not detract from the other.

  9. Sonny

    No but she did defeated fleets of the chinese and portugese navies and survived, survived suicide boats and repaired and added them to her fleet. Pretty much made the government her botch and retired,unlike most pirates, and lived happily and rich. So. Also, she was a woman in charge in a time where women werent respected period. So who cares about a rubber back? Its a rubber back. Whoopdee do

  10. Lee Mun Lim

    inspiration for her was Mistress chang

  11. Lee Mun Lim

    people are jealous of the truth sad to say! 1. yes 2. perhaps but even chinese dont want to remember there ancestors Mao told all chinese to destory family records everything and I mean everything

  12. wei

    the woman on movie way too old, since she retire at her age of 35 on the history book.