22 Responses to “Constance Markievicz”

  1. Janet Coburn

    Isn’t a demilitarized zone one with no military in it, or am I being fooled by the construction of the word?

  2. Alanna Stankiewicz

    I wonder, was her husband of Slavic descent?

  3. Jason Porath

    You’re right. Early morning brain fart, changing now.

  4. Jason Porath

    Polish I believe.

  5. Noelle

    Yes, he was Polish.

  6. Noelle

    As far as I know, the preferred term for the uprising of 1916 is the Easter Rising (and it’s often referred to as just the Rising). I don’t know who calls it the Rebellion, but it strikes me as something the other side (the Brits) would use, rather than the Irish.

  7. Jason Porath

    Both books I read used the term Easter Rebellion, but they were a bit old. I don’t really have a dog in that race, so I’ll look into it when I get a chance and change it up if it makes sense.

  8. Jeanette Wu

    She was a pretty badass lady. Glad you did an entry for her.

  9. Anonymous

    I heard of this Jewish girl named Esther who disguised herself as a Christian man so she could get to the new world.. You should do one on her.

  10. Radek Rdzanek

    Have you heard of Emilia Plater by any chance? Polish countess, fought in the November Uprising? You’d definitely have fun reading up on Partitioned Poland and her background.

  11. Xanthe

    You should do Maud MacBride, feminist, radical, married to a national hero and muse of Yeats. She got a lof of stuff going on and she is rad.

  12. Alanna R.

    This woman is basically the female, Irish version of Enjolras from Les Mis.

    Born into a bourgeois family
    Hated the bourgeoisie
    Hated monarchy
    Claims her one true love is her country
    Took part in a rebellion named for the time it took place in (that time was late spring)
    This rebellion consisted of a barricade
    Wished to die on the barricade with her friends

  13. Runya EithelNar

    Yeah, he was Polish, Kazimierz Dunin-Markiewicz, to be precise.

  14. Hugsie Muffinball

    Out of the many dick moves the British pigs pulled, airbrushing Cumann na mBan members out of photos, stalinist damnatio memoriae-style, was near the top.

  15. Hanna

    She looks like a badass Mary Poppins, and I love her.

  16. Aaron Alexander Young

    Living in Ireland from an early age I have learned about the rising since childhood, Constance Markievicz was always one of my favorite figures. She was the first woman elected to the UK Parliament, though she didn’t take her seat and instead joined the first Dáil. She also had a fascinating relationship with her sister, Eva Gore-Booth, also an Irish patriot and ardent fighter for women’s rights, but a pacifist who did not believe violence was the right way to go about it. Markievicz wrote a heartwarming letter to hers sister’s lover Esther Roper after Eva’s death.

  17. Aaron Alexander Young

    The rising was much more extensive than a single barricade, large areas of Dublin became active war zones and key sites were taken by the republicans.

  18. Alanna R.

    Ah. Well, nonetheless, she was on the barricade.