8 Responses to “Eréndira”

  1. Arabella Caulfield

    Both the artwork and the story are great – yet another favorite of mine! And get well soon!

  2. archersangel

    I like the horse’s attitude.

  3. Mikki Bicknell

    Thank you so much. I love this princess, and I love that you found out so much about her. You drew her beautifully! Love the red tattoo work. Inspiring.

  4. Anonymous

    Can you do Nur Jahan or Emma Hamilton?

  5. Amy Venman

    Of *course* she’s smiling; she has her horse by her side!

  6. Anonymous

    Malinche, Malinali, Marina, etc (she had so many names in her time and beyond) has actually always been a personal hero of mine. Before I discovered this website I was a bit hesitant about the fact, especially hesitant to share it with others. But I daresay the readers of the wonderful site would understand. She was one hell of a survivor, intelligent as anything, resourceful and likely very politically savvy. I recommend ‘Malinche’s Conquest’ by Anna Lanyon if you want a very readable introduction to her and to invasion/conquest era Mexico.

  7. Jason Porath

    She’s on the list, and may be one for the book. :)

  8. Oscar Ivan

    I am a mixed blood descendant of the P’urépechas. I am from Michoacan state, in Mexico. You made an excellent picture. This one captures the appearance of the movie and the p’urepecha people. P’urépecha means “the people” or “visitor”. The name of this kind of pyramid is “Yacatas”. They used to have a wood temple in the upper but this temples did not appear in the movie. Greetings.