15 Responses to “Gouyen”

  1. Lex Lapolla

    This was definitely worth the wait!! Are you still waiting for permission to do Lozen?

  2. Akio

    I thought you said the person you were doing was Lozen

  3. Jason Porath

    The entry on Lozen is still in the works, but requires a lot more back-and-forth with the Mescalero. It’s a lot more difficult an entry to write. This was a more straightforward entry that dovetails with Lozen’s – Gouyen was one of Lozen’s childhood heroes. I’ve read like 600 pages on Lozen, her entry will come.

  4. Jason Porath

    See the reply to Akio, above. Lozen’s entry is still in the works, it’ll come when I’m able to get it right.

  5. Lex Lapolla

    ok cool. thanks!! :)

  6. Jason Porath

    Please use the form to guess.

  7. Akio

    ah alright, i remember when you told us you needed more info, that the hint was for lozen so i got really confused. cant wait to see her entry, then ^^

  8. Jeanette Wu

    Awesome entry! I wonder if you could do an entry for Quanah’s mother as well. She was a very tragically romantic figure of the Indian Wars.

  9. Hannah Bockenfeld

    Great entry as always! I was really pleased to see that you got permission by the Mescalero Apache Tribe to retell and illustrate the story of the amazing women.

  10. Jackal

    I watch movie after movie with women all ‘oh no he’s got my arms, what now’ and I always yell, ‘BITE HIS THROAT OUT, BITCH!’ It’s so nice to see sensible women in action. <3

  11. esmeralda

    did a roleplay where i was a native american woman i used her name

  12. glasses

    Guys, Jason Weiser did this on his podcast. Gouyen on both, two Jasons… is this a coincidence?