5 Responses to “Grace O’Malley”

  1. Sauncerae

    If you go to youtube and type in granuille. Had black hair and blue eyes and.was very beautiful …

  2. Anonymous

    I’m really happy you did an entry on her! She’s actually my ancestor on my mother’s side, so it’s really awesome to see that she was notable enough to be included in this.

  3. HappyFett

    We’ve started weaving stories of the awesome women of history – including the less brutal/graphic rejected princesses – into my daughter’s bedtime reading, since she’s starting to pick up ideas about what girls can and can’t do outside the house. She’s still leaning away from anything which involves her being smart, but to judge by her reaction to Grainne’s story, ‘pirate queen’ is still on the career table.

  4. Alice Favre

    Really? Me too…. I am a descendant of Richard Bourke, her third husband.

  5. Erica

    She’s totally my 13th great-grandmother on my mother’s mom’s side!!!