11 Responses to “Iara”

  1. Your Noona's Unnie

    Thank you for this site! Iara is my kind of mermaid!

  2. Selene Fernandez

    There is an Argentinian legend of a native American princess called Anahi who has a few parallelisms with this story. Both had beautiful voices, were great warriors and transformed into another object (in Anahi’s case a tree) when they were murdered. Yet some sources depicted her as ugly (but according to the sources men dig her anyway because of her personality and her voice)

  3. Lainie Nicolas

    I think “tapir-riding, vulva-wielding beast queen” is now my new dream job.

  4. Maria Hush

    I may or may not have fallen for your absolutely gorgeous art of Lara. Honestly, I kinda wish I could join her underwater harem. The way you’ve drawn her is amazing!! And her hair

  5. Taina Chagas Alves Ribeiro

    I’m brazilian. This is a pretty popular legend around here(no,really,it’s hard to find anyone who didnt hear of it before), and i am quite happy to see one of our legends here. Nice that you made an afford to draw a acurate description of a tupi.

  6. esmeralda

    yep mine too

  7. esmeralda

    this is why you should never mess with an amazon