17 Responses to “Isabel Godin des Odonais”

  1. Deb Salisbury

    Wow, what a story! And what a woman!

  2. Samantha

    This is absolutely amazing. I feel like Disney could probably do this one, although I’d love to see a more realistic film done ;)

  3. Just a Swedish girl

    Absolutly! But they should make at least 1 of the kids should live.

  4. Akio

    Uh… I hate being this person, but I’ve read the two were reunited in the town of Oyapock, not a boat….

  5. Jason Porath

    In the book I read, it was on a boat that Jean had actually built, which was in a bay on the Oyapock river. I don’t have it with me (returned to library), but if I’m wrong, I’d be happy to correct.

  6. Tokyo Angel

    This is amazing and inspirational, just like many of the princesses! Thank you for sharing Isabel’s story.

  7. Ciara Tamay

    Just found your site and am full on bingeing on princesses. First read about this lady on damninteresting.com, amazing story with amazing characters. If Charles Marie de la condamine were a woman I would nominate him for princessification.

  8. Sarah

    Aaaand I’m crying.

  9. Loribeth Tanner

    I’ve been looking forward to Wendesdays at RP for almost two years! What am I going to do???
    Congrats on your job!

  10. Maria João Barata

    This made me cry :’-( It’s a good read, but it made me sad.

  11. Flavia Barbieri G

    Who started chopping onions right under my nose??

  12. Cala

    Found a tiny mistake:

    2nd footnote at the very end – you wrote ‘she felt similarly for her’, but it should presumably be for him, since you’re talking about Jean.

  13. Sierrarose111

    What happened to the servant?? He just disappears in the art, nothing is said about him

  14. Jason Porath

    Look in the footnotes for his story. His name was Joachim, and he was basically imprisoned on suspicion of her murder. When she arrived back in civilization, she wrote to get him freed – it’s the only surviving piece of writing from her.

  15. esmeralda

    atleast they found each other