6 Responses to “Jezebel”

  1. Jami

    So I just finished reading this entry and thought of something. The original meaning of “slut” was “someone who doesn’t bathe/is really dirty.” (Same with “whore.”) In Judaism bathing is super important. There’s even rules for it as well as washing hands. Some people think the origin of anti-Semitism is the fact the Jews were better at surviving things like the bubonic plague because of the fact they bathed.

    So maybe when they call Jezebel a slut they don’t mean she slept with a lot of men but rather that she had nasty BO, greasy hair, and fleas.

  2. Jason Porath

    I don’t think so. The connotation is very much that she was a temptress and led men astray. – even to modern day. Although the cleanliness aspect is an interesting angle to view things from…!

  3. WD Vinco

    She SEDUCED Ahab with her words and led him astray from God

  4. WD Vinco

    And this what happens when you mess with God/Jesus.

    Other people who wronged God/Jesus:
    – Ramesses II
    – Rehoboam
    – Ahab
    – Jeroboam
    – Herod Agrippa
    – Herod the Great
    – Judas
    – Goliath
    – Satan
    – Belshazzar
    – Nebuchadnezzar II
    – Ananias and Sapphira
    – Delilah
    – Herodias
    – Lot’s Wife
    – King Saul
    – Pilate
    – Caiaphas
    – Haman
    …okay, this list is too long. Lesson of the day: Don’t enraged God. PERIOD!

  5. esmeralda

    agreed he may be good but we all have anger other than jesus why was he so calm

  6. WD Vinco

    He should be capitalized when you talk about God or Jesus, out of respect.