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  1. R R

    The book describes Joan as a ruthless figure, though she stated that she had not killed anyone and carried her standard rather than a sword to avoid killing anyone. Several witnesses at her trial of rehabilitation remembered her compassion, especially for the French and even the English soldiers; for instance, she forgave Glasdale, an English officer who insulted her, as he was dying and cared for an English soldier as he died, ensuring that his confession was heard. Her troops followed her, not because she was ruthless, but because of her promise that they would be saved and because of the example she set for them, making sure that they went to confession and that they didn’t swear or gamble. They regarded her as a kind of living saint. This does not match an image of someone who was ruthless, and she was more than simply a battle leader. Her legacy was not that of bloodshed but of compassion and mercy.

  2. Jason Porath

    You’re asking for specifics on research I did about two years and 150 books ago – I know that I got that impression from her dogged pursuit of the British and her angry yelling at them when she couldn’t attack them – I noted it on page 130 of Nancy Goldstone’s Queen and the Maid, which was a library book to which I do not have current access. Some bits I can pull up from Google Books that inform my take:

    “Joan went to see the Bastard of Orléans and spoke to him, and on her return she was in great anger; for, said she, he had decided that on that day they would not go out against the enemy,” remembered Louis de Coutes, one of Joan’s pages.

    When assaulting Paris, she shouted: “Yield to us quickly, for Jesus’s sake; for if you yield not before night we shall enter by force whether you will or no and you will all be put to death without mercy.” Corroborated here: (https://books.google.com/books?id=ly3thpwGHRAC&pg=PA135&lpg=PA135)

    Sorry, I just don’t have the book on me to cross-reference.

  3. esmeralda

    why is there so little on her?

  4. Jason Porath

    Because her entry is in the book, not on the website.

  5. esmeralda

    oh sorry